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I am a working bee in corporate world. In my early years, I picked few stocks here and there for investing. That didn’t turn too well in 2000. Then I focus on career advance after completed my MBA and CPA. During that time, every single paycheck goes to saving and then CD, I have totally forgot about “ investing.” I max my 401K at work, that’s about it. Luckily, in the hindsight, that helps me skip the 2008 crash and save and reserve my capital.

It’s not easy to achieve financial independence only through paychecks. Through the years, I am always looking for the investment alternatives to increase my net worth and improve the cash flow. There are a lot of ways to invest for cash flow. I explore a few popular and obvious ways, including stock dividends and real estate rentals. Through real estate, I discover the world of private money lending. Unlike stock and real estate, this area is less talked and shared.

So why it’s worth mentioning?

After dipping toes in this investment asset for the first year, the income from this asset group is enough to cover my expense.

I think to have this asset group as part of my portfolio, not only improving my net worth and cash flow, most importantly, it brings some control that stock market cannot offer.

In this blog, I will like to share anything regarding investing for cash flow and create more balanced portfolios to meet the ultimate goal.

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