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Be an Index Investor or Angel Investor?

Be an Index Investor or Angel Investor? Investing for cash flow, should you be an Index Investor or Angel Investor? It depends. Yes, it really depends on your goal, capital, risk appetite, and return expectation. Most investors are investing either ways or both through the life time. What’s an Angel Investor? Per Wikipedia, an angel investor or angel (also known… Read more »

Cash Flow from US Total Market

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If you invest in US total stock market, how much cash flow will you approximately receive? Let’s use Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) as an example. Assume you invest $10,000 on January 2002, all the dividends are reinvested through the period of 2002-2015. The total return and dividend incomes looks like the following. The dividend yields are between the… Read more »

How to Earn $25K Passive Income as a Private Lender

How do you earn $25K passive income? Passive means that you are not trading the hour for the dollar. It means that you also collect the cash flow regardless you are working or sleeping. There are various ways to earn passive incomes. Investing in bonds, you collect interests. Investing in stocks, you collect dividends. Investing in rentals, you collect rents…. Read more »