Why Some People can Never Get Ahead

My tenant told me that they are short of cash, so they will pay the unpaid April rent on the first Friday of May and pay May’s rent on the second week.  Since I also receive the notice from the city about the overgrown weed on the property, I decided to collect the rent in person and checked out the property.

I made an appointment with her and showed up on time. After I parked my car, I saw the text message from her saying that they will not be home. Really? After I drove an hour and half to get there?

I went ahead and knocked the door. No one answered. I heard the TV noises from the house, so I knocked again. Finally, the door was opened.

She said” We are not gonna pay you rent for May.”

She didn’t feel sorry that she was always late, and she was not embarrassed to say she is not paying.

“So when are you paying?” “ I don’t know, we got other bills to pay”

So she thinks I have no mortgage, no property tax, insurance bills to pay?

People will never expect to go to supermarket, takes the milk and cookies out, walk out of the store without paying them at register first. No one will tell the cashier “ I am taking the milk and cookie now, I will pay you next week.”

This is considered robbery.

A tenant can tell you straight to your face that he is staying in your property and he is not paying.  This is not robbery.

A landlord needs to go through eviction process to claim his property back. By the time, the landlord sees the property again, the property is most likely damaged inside out.

This society grants the tenants a lot of rights.  Many people enjoy such privileges without paying their fair share.   Taking things for granted is their second nature.

This is like protective parents who will do anything to protect their child regardless what the child does wrong in the first place. In the end, the child becomes spoiled and irresponsible and thinks everyone needs to accommodate him at all cost.

I so wish to tell my tenants that you are not going to get ahead by winning one or two months free housing. No one will.

As I stood there, listen her dishing out how hard her life is, how tired she is after work,  and how much bills she needs to pay. Somehow I feel a bit sorry for her. She doesn’t understand she will be always tired and her life will be always this hard if she keeps this mindset. Maybe the life won’t be this hard if she didn’t spend her money in weekend trips and do her nails at salons?

I know she will never get ahead. She will always struggle. And it’s not any landlords’ obligation to spoil her and allow her to live in any property for free.

So do your tenants help your cash flow or eat away your cash flow?

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